1949) Understand that we’re in a moment of time where anything can happen. Understand this in your heart. You need to let go of the desire to try to fix things or do better with your physical form. We will not be able to. All we can do is watch in disbelief. These circumstances will appear in front of you.


What will you think of in these times? Where will your heart be directed towards? If there are no attempts to go as far as to reset everything, or some sort of groundbreaking force in your heart, your world with not budge at all.


This chance, we have all prepared for ourselves. There is a part of us that is longing to make that shift in your heart. Feel this determination of yourself to change your own track. Continue with the correct meditation, affirm this determination within you, and move towards that path of returning to the origin of yourself.


This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not take this lightly and take care of yourself from your heart. Let’s live our lives, deeply directing our hearts towards space, a space that we need to return to.



1949) 何が起きてもおかしくない局面にすでに突入していることを、しっかりと心で感じてください。肉、肉で何とかする、何とかできるという思いは捨てていきましょう。何もできない、ただ呆然と立ち尽くすだけ、そういう場面にこれからそれぞれが立ち会っていくでしょう。






 1926)  The world of thoughts, the heart that can’t be overlooked. 

Now that you have a physical form, make sure to check these inside your heart. 

Don’t be distracted, don’t keep a lid on your heart and have courage to be honest with yourself. 

We are all desperate and foolish. However, there is a joy to see those despair and foolishness through each other’s physical form. 

Confirm that you are desperate, foolish‐beyond foolish and helpless. 

There’s no need to be disappointed. There’s nothing but a joy. 

There’s nothing but happiness. 

Feel in your heart that you are the most foolish in space but also the happiest at the same time. 

If you could be happy with money or gods, you would have been happy long time ago. There would have been full of people with love everywhere. 

There would be no need to have a physical form. 

Why do we have a physical form who originally did not? 

Mankind must touch the roots of the reason. 

It first starts from the consciousness who met the study thorough the physical form. Throw out your thoughts about being special. 

Please realize that you are consciousness cowling up from the depth of hell in pitch black darkness. From there, let’s move one step forward to know and understand with your heart that we live in the world of vibrations, the world of true vibrations and that this is our true world.



1926) 見逃せない心、思いの世界。しっかりと肉を持っている今、自分の中で確認してください。思いを逸らさず、蓋をせずに、きちんと自分と向き合う勇気を持ちましょう。



1924) Energy that jumps out instantaneously if the right environment and condition matches. The energy to massacre. This is not someone else’s business. 

We fought and fought and fought in this world of consciousness. It’s extremely difficult to flip this world from its foundations. To turn it 180 degrees is difficult. But it was all joy. Joy was our true selves. There is a flow for us to understand this.

A path to understand that we were love. Love. Since we did not understand love, we kept on making mistakes about love, and we had to sink ourselves into conflicts.

Space of eternal darkness. We have been spewing out a mass of energy here. This was us. And now through this physical lifetime, we have connected with this study. Even when spreading the space of eternal darkness, we have received a message that this world of joy is our true world.

“Let’s return to joy. Let’s return to warmth.” As the physical world crumbles down, this call out and invitation spreads through. 

We're at the the last part of the third dimension. Let’s transcend dimensions with UTA.

1924) 環境、条件が整い揃えば瞬時に飛び出すエネルギー。殺戮のエネルギー。決して他人事ではありません。



1905) Whatever self you were, you were forgiven. You were accepted.

However, your physical self was silly enough to shout ‘I wouldn’t forgive myself! I wouldn’t accept myself! I wouldn’t admit myself!’

Do you feel these pain in your heart?

It was painful. It was suffering. And it was sad.

We need to realize that we have kept on doing such foolish thing over and over again.

This is true for everyone.

We let ourselves have our physical forms only because we were desperate and hopeless. We were born only because we were eager to save ourselves from the pain.

Why do we completely forget it?

Now that we have met the study in this lifetime, we need to ask ourselves until we get a straight answer. The time has already arrived.

While the study moves forward, you will be able to understand what it means to continue to spill darkness.

Although we have been receiving what we deserve, we now need to make up our mind to change the way we live.

Please be honest to the call and awakening to proceed together.



1905) どんな自分でも許されてきました。受け入れてもらってきました。けれど、愚かな肉は許さない、受け入れない、認めないと叫び続けてきました。



1909) To have met the study and to have connected with the study-nothing in the world is more delightful than this.

Although this was planned by myself, I can’t stop feeling grateful for hitting the target.

I want to go back to space. Let’s go back to space. I will go back to space.

Now I feel the flow that the shout of my desire in my heart has been turned into reality. I’m so grateful for this time of thinking with joy.

Let’s enjoy the thoughts of joy-the joy of turning our heart toward the right direction to make our physical form finish with joy.

This life should be the turning point to change the direction of the way of your life.

To have met the study, to have connected with the study-please realize this bliss deep inside your heart and love your self.

Transform your heart from the belief that you are physical to the belief that you are consciousness.

Spend your whole life only turning your heart to Tomekichi Taike .

That’s the only path to joy and happiness.

Please feel it in your heart.

Please retrieve yourself in order to sense it in your heart.



1909) 学びに触れさせていただいたこと、繋がったこと、これが何よりも何よりも幸せなことでした。自分が計画してきたことですが、本当に見事に的中したありがたさを感じずにはいられません。





1893) How do you perceive that as you learn, everything is in place?

I think these questions are also good questions to check the energy of other powers in myself.

If nothing happens, you will certainly be willing to learn well.

But it is not always happy. Whether the accident is materialized or latent. Eventually I will tell my heart through form.

It's fine because there is something wrong in life. If you have learned the mind, you will stop there and think in various ways. If you haven't learned the mind, just turn your mind out.

That is different.

If you know the joy and importance of turning your mind inward, even if there are similar phenomena, the world you envision will be different. Whether you are really pleased with the unfortunate event. Instead, if you just want a physical plus, you'll see the energy of other powers there.

What I think is the straight road of "Tomekichi Taike".That is the only path of joy. But that's really difficult. Please learn it well in each of your time.













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