1893) If your physical surroundings become well aligned as you pursue the study, it’s a good opportunity to ask yourself and understand your tariki energy (energy of reliance on the outside) .

If there are no disturbances in your physical world, you may become forward looking and at ease to do the study. But it’s impossible to not have anything going on in the physical world. It’s only whether if it has come above the surface or is just below it. Eventually through physical means, you yourself will reveal these to your heart. 

It’s actually good to have disruptions in your physical world. If you are doing the study, you’ll stop and reflect on the many feelings. That’s the difference. Directing your heart outside or understanding the importance to do so inside and to understand joy. Through the same occurrences, the way you would envision the world would be totally different.

Would you be able to really feel the true joy from these occurrences? Or forcibly seek it as positive through your physical understanding. You’ll be able to take a peek at your tariki energy through these moments.

The only answer is to direct your heart towards Taike Tomekichi. That’s the only path to joy. Through each of your experiences, please come to understand that’s this is extremely difficult to do so.



1893) How do you understand this: everything is going to be in good shape if you believe in this study.
It is also a good question to make sure the existence of the physical world in your heart.
It could be easier for you to study if everything goes smoothly in your life.
But it never happens all the time. Visible or invisible, in either case, your true self will let you know the truth eventually.
Physical incident always tells you something. If you are studying, you will stop and start investigating. But for
those who aren’t, they look outside of themselves.
That makes a big difference.
If you know the joy and importance of looking at your inner self, the view you are looking at is totally different from those who look only outside even if the incident looks the same.
Are you willing to accept an unwanted incident? Or you want only a physical happiness? There, you'll see an energy of physical world hidden in the background.
All you need to do is thinking of Taike Tomekichi.
This is only path of joy.
However, you will figure out in your life how difficult it is to realize it’s true.



1893) 学びをしていけば形が整ってくるということを、自分はどのようにとらえているか、それもまた自分の中の他力のエネルギーを確認するのにいい問いかけだと思います。