※「UTAの輪の中でともに学ぼう」1899 の英訳を送っていただきました。


1899) No matter what people around you, even all over the world would say, no matter how they would live every day , all you have to do is directing your heart toward inside. Your true self exists inside your heart. 

Meet yourself and try be honest to yourself. 

Being honest with yourself means facing your false self as well. 

Your true self will let your false self absorb within one after another. 

Knowing to live with your true self and false self together is the most wonderful part of your life. This is one and only task you have to practice while you live. 

The sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment accomplished by this task is what you will never be able to encounter in the physical world. 

No matter how wealthy you are, how much reputation you earn, your life is not going to be full of joy. 

Please make your present life a turning point to realize this in your heart. Otherwise, there’s no reason that you were born. 

Please set your priority in your inner self than the physical world. 

Let’s enjoy our reincarnation coming ahead to meet our true self in our heart which has been our ultimate desire.



1899) あなたの周りの人達、世の中の人達が何を語り、どんな思いで日々生活をしようとも、あなたの心の向け先は自分の中です。自分の中の自分、本当の自分をしっかりと知って、そしてその本当の自分と向き合う時間を過ごしましょう。