※Hさんより「UTAの輪の中でともに学ぼう」1904 の英訳を送っていただきました。


1904) 苦しみながらもがきながら、自分の中で必死になって答えを見つけ出していく、あっちにぶつかりこっちにぶつかり、絶望を幾度も味わいながら、それでも自分の中の思いに応えていこうとする、粘り強くそれを遂行していこうと転んでは立ち上がる、あなたもそんな学びの過程を経てきましたか。私は、そういうことを繰り返してきました。徹底的に抵抗しました。死んでもお前の言うことなど信じない、腸が煮えたぎるそんな思いで、温もりに闘いを挑んできました。


1904)Through agony and struggle, seeking to find the truth inside of you. Hitting hurdles and obstacles, experiencing desperations but answering your feelings in your heart even through these struggles. To keep on pushing through, continuing to get up even after falling so many times. 


Have you gone through these processes in your studies? I’ve gone through them many times over. I’ve absolutely resisted. I would never believe you, even if it means death, with fire and fury, I have waged battle against warmth.

But it was no use. All that was reflected was the message that “we were waiting”. I couldn’t believe it. I just could not. I didn’t understand what was happening. Not only that, the rush from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom on my heart of “I’m sorry” flowed through. I was flabbergasted. 

These experiences of my studies has made me understand that I have no time to be complacent. Truly understand the path and end which you are heading. What you need to be doing to get there, the answers are already presented for all of us.