With seriousness, sincerity, earnestness, devotion-no other words come to my mind. 

The path to return to love-the place we’ve come from-is tough and hard. 

But in fact, it’s nothing but joy. The reason you feel it’s tough and hard means you have been existing far from the original track. 

It’s time to go back. Your heart is crying out. 

This voice will get larger and louder. Because that’s what we have been longing for. 

Our essential nature is consciousness. So it’s natural for us to exist as one in the flow of consciousness. You can’t see anything if you go against the nature. It only makes you sunk into the depth of darkness. 

It is so clear. The world of consciousness is so accurate. 

We have to wake up. 

The courage to release yourself from the physical world is joy. 

The joy of jumping into the world of joy-this is exactly the true nature of ourselves.



1901) 真剣に、真摯に、素直に、ただひたすらに、という表現しか出てきません。愛、心のふるさと愛へ帰る道は険しくて厳しくて、けれど喜びです。いいえ、喜びだけなんです。険しい、厳しいと感じるのは、それだけ私達が本来の軌道から遠くに外れたところにあるということでした。