1931)  We are really fortunate

It is not too much to say that we are the most fortune people in the Universe. 

It is because we have met the chance to learn the true world of vibration of Tomekichi Taike. 

For those who don’t get what this means, they don’t understand how wrong they have been or even haven’t realized they have been wrong. 

This surely is the case. 

How much do you feel in your heart that the belief of yourself as a physical form was completely wrong and that it was all madness? 

You abandoned yourself. You abandoned your true self. 

It’s natural that you sunk into the depth of suffering because you made nothing of yourself. 

We have passed on our pain to others, everyone except ourselves. Those foolish and cowardly being were called humans. 

Let’s change the direction of the way of living. Let’s do a complete 180. 

Please listen to the shout and the scream coming out from your heart. 

Of course, it is no doubt that voices also come out telling “You are your physical form!” “Live with your physical form!” 

Still, please understand what they really want to tell. 

We can do that. Trust it.


1931) 私達は本当に幸せ者です。宇宙一幸せ者と言っても決して言い過ぎではありません。なぜならば、田池留吉という真実の波動の世界を学ぶチャンスに出会ったからです。このことが、まだいまいちピンとこない人は、自分達がどんなに間違ってきたか、いいえ間違ってきたことさえもまだまだ心から分かっていないかもしれません。いいえきっとそのはずです。