1933)  This study is to learn between our true self and our false self. 

First of all, you need to realize that there are true self and false self. 

It is no doubt that you who has been living with the belief that you are your physical self and form is a false self. 

It is common knowledge that we live our daily lives according to what our false self thinks and says. Based on common knowledge, you would never think those world of physical form is fake. The world which can be seen with eyes and can be heard with ears feel real. 

You would never ever think it’s a fake. 

But it is a fake. 

Let’s wake up with your eyes in your heart. Then learn towards the direction of asking yourself how you live and how you exist through those eyes. 

Ask yourself seriously your wish to why you were born.


1933) 学びは本物の自分と偽物の自分との学びです。まずは本物の自分と偽物の自分があることに気付いていく必要があります。肉、形を本物として生きてきた自分は紛れもなく、偽物の自分です。その偽物の自分の思うこと、言うことに沿って日々の生活を送っているというのが、この世の常識です。その常識の中で、肉、形の世界は影の世界だとは決して思えないです。