1938) I have an ultimate joy of thinking the true world. I am absolutely convinced that this is the final object of human life. What I think about the true world is really true? Can I think the true world all the time? What happens around myself when I think the true world? The answers to these questions are my life work for about thirty years. I have found them great work.
For the first time after immeasurably frequent transmigrations, I understand and recognize the true happiness and the final object of life now. We are all existing in a joyful and warm world by nature, but we could not accept it. Neither did I. We have not recognized true ourselves. For about thirty years I learned these themes from Taike Tomekichi. 
The fateful encounter with him led me big chance of recognizing the true world. The meditation along his guidance makes me convinced every time that true world exists exactly. His meditation makes me happy, thankful to his advise and moved to tears every time.
After only one transmigration, I will advance to the next stage of true world that is warm and joyful. His meditation convinces me every time that this is real. I am happy and joyful when I am convinced that I always exist in the true world.  
Hardship beat me in my young days, but this experience made me to encounter him and the true world. I am convinced of it. 


1938) 思う喜び、思える喜び。私はやはりこれに尽きると感じています。何を思うか、思えるか、そして思ったらどうなるのか、どんな世界が広がっていくのかを学ばせていただいています。学びに触れ30年近くになりますが、本当によかったと思っています。