1937) To understand in your heart why you were born and what you were actually born to do is the crossroad of your life. If they are different, the direction of how to live will also be different- even for couples, parents and children, and close friends. Fate has made these close relationship in this present life, so it would be best if you could walk in a same direction. Putting that aside, we have met the study. First, we should let ourselves learn. Always ask yourself why you were born and what you were born to do. Make sure your heart is turning in the right direction. We are happy now that we can do so. No matter how many mistakes we have made, we can change the direction of our life and correct the course once we realize we were wrong. Please correct yourself back on track.

1937) 自分がなぜ生まれてきたのか、本当は何をするために生まれてきたのか、それを心で知る、分かるということ、そこのところが分かれ道になります。そこのところが違えば、たとえ、夫婦、親子その他近しい関係であっても、生きていく方向、歩いていく方向は違います。今世、縁あって近しい間柄になったのだから、できれば、生きていく方向、歩いていく方向が同じであればと思います。 それはさておき、学びに触れた私達です。自分自身が、まずしっかりと学びましょう。 なぜ生まれてきたのか、何をするために生まれてきたのかを、いつも問いかけて心の針の向け先をいつも確認しましょう。確認できる今が幸せです。 どんなに間違ってきても、自分の中で間違ってきたことに気付いていければ、自分の生きていく方向、軌道を修正できます。軌道修正に取りかかってください。