1927) The meeting of the waves of Albert. That truth, that reality. It was everything. The heart longing to call that name and to encounter it. That energy instantaneously erupted, and the space of darkness started to shift.

It was just pure joy. The past of going mad and crawling through the depths of pain was all I knew, but in that moment I saw the light of truth inside of me. All I could do was to apologize to myself. It was just pitiful to be saying my space was glorious.

A physical form appeared and passed along the waves of Albert, to transcend dimensions, that we are together, we are one. To be able to clearly understand this was true happiness. Why we were born and the meaning of our existence. This is the most important point. This is the crossroad. Find guidance from your heart and fix it inside of you. The message to self establish yourself is constantly flowing.

To learn on your own, with yourself. Guide through to the right direction and continue on to the path of joy. Please create these foundations as quickly as possible.

The coronavirus is cheering for us. Enjoy the time and space to turn to yourself in a comfortable environment. Let’s be joyful.

1927) アルバートの波動との出会い。揺るぎのない事実、現実。もうそれがすべてでした。心から呼びたかった、出会いたかった、その思いが一気に噴き出し、闇黒の宇宙の世界が動き始めました。