1939) I will keep the promise which I exchanged with myself. That is all to do for my life. I could barely overcome my deep agony in my young days. But at that time I swore to myself that this study was the last one and I kept without fail the promise to believe in the true world in my mind. Consequently these hard days connected me with this study that everyone has true world in his mind. The true world (Taike Tomekichi's world) in my mind told me once that I ignored so badly my deceased husband as though killed him. This means that I made a firm decision from the bottom of my mind which I kept the promise for my life. Short disagreeable phrases such as I had little joy and I ignored him motivated me to make the decision. These anguished days caused my disobey for the time being to the true world in my mind . On the contrary that made me study desperately for about thirty years whether or not there was any truth in the true world that Taike Tomekichi called. I could advance this study to a planned stage to gain for my life while Taike Tomekichi was alive. From now on I will keep watching carefully what I think about because my concern moves often far away from the true world. And also I am looking forward to performing the final study in the three dimensions. I have no choice but one. I have no demand in the physical world. I have determined to walk the natural pathway toward the true world from now on for my life.

1939) 私は私との約束を果たす、ただそれだけです。苦しみの奥底からようやっと這い上がり、自分を信じていこう、これが最後、必ず自分との約束を果たす、そう自分に誓ってきたから、学びに繋がったのです。 夫を殺してきたなという田池留吉の意識の世界からの一言に、私の確たる決意が表れていました。 喜び少ない、夫を殺した、短いフレーズだけで充分でした。 それならばお前、お前が言うところの真実とやらを私に示せ、そう決死の思いで学び始めてから30年近くの年月が流れました。 田池留吉の意識が肉を持っている間に、ほぼ予定通り今世の学びを進め、あとは自分の心の針の向け先をいつも確認して、肉は愚かだから細心の注意を払って、三次元最終のお勉強へと進むことだけを思っています。 選択肢はひとつ。肉での希望、要望はなし。ただ意識の流れに忠実に自分を乗せていく、極めてシンプルな生き方があるのみです。