1940) What will your heart turn to as you die. No matter what situation happens, as it comes time to leave your physical form, do you have the conviction that you can adjust the direction of your heart at that very moment?


Your physical self won’t be able to. You may think it’s possible, but in that actual situation, your physical from may be in great pain or your mind may be in distress. 


What does it mean to have the conviction to adjust the direction of your heart?


It is a world of consciousness, impossible to measure with the physical form. The only thing you may be able to do is to try to be mindful of directing your heart as much as possible. 


With our daily lives passing in a frenzy, no matter how busy it gets or how disturbed our mind becomes, there is always a time when we can instantaneously direct our heart. This is of course true in times of ordinary as well. It is all about spending time in our physical form, being mindful to always direct your heart to Taike Tomekichi. 


It’s impossible to completely protect our physical surroundings. We can’t control our shadow. There was nothing to begin with anyway. Complete collapse means to return to a world where nothing existed in the first place. There was nothing. But at the same time there is something. 


The joy and happiness of being together as one will never vanish.



1940) 何を思って死ねるのか。どんな状況で肉を置いていく時が来ようとも、死ぬ瞬間、心の針を合わせていけると確信していますか。