1941)The world is busy with the coronavirus, but don’t waste your time or mind being carried away with the spectacle. Look inside your heart and grasp the joy you currently have in your heart. 


Looking through the eyes of the physical form, there will continue to be more situations occurring in front of us that will cause distractions.


Do you have a core conviction? Is your core not wavering? Don’t mind trying to save your physical form or your physical heart. Delve deeper and lend a fundamental saving hand to yourself. 


What this means, just to be able to do this. It’s just joy, happiness, a feeling filled with thankfulness from the bottom of the heart with tears of joy. Space being filled with joy. Know in your heart and in your consciousness that we were always together with space. 


Joy and happiness through the physical form - transform this to true joy and happiness. Our physical form exists to touch the true world of consciousness. To understand that we are living for this is the happiest, most content lives we can live.



1941) コロナウイルスで世の中は忙しいけれど、見て聞いて流れていく時間の中に自分を埋没させることなく、今ある喜びを心でしっかりと受け止めていきましょう。肉に思いを向ければ心ここにあらず、これからもそういう現象が目の前に展開していくと思います。