1941) Although the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) forces all the people on the earth to take much time in coping with, you had better feel heartily joy and happiness of being  alive now than waste your time in getting more information relating the COVID-19. Probably many sensational events which interfere you with feeling the joy and happiness are likely to come one after another from now on. 

Have you a firm belief in the true world? Is the belief firm exactly? You had better help yourself more radically to find the truth in your own mind than keep up your appearances or smooth away your anguish. 

You can appreciate from the bottom of your heart that you have a grateful chance to help yourself with happiness and tears. Also you can appreciate that the core of your mind belongs to the true world by nature and therefore you can find deep joy and happiness in your own mind.

You had better make your superficial joy and happiness more profound as natural. Just because you have a physical body now, you can get a substantial chance to feel the true world and to realize that you have never sent any life under these circumstances in your previous lives. 


1941) コロナウイルスで世の中は忙しいけれど、見て聞いて流れていく時間の中に自分を埋没させることなく、今ある喜びを心でしっかりと受け止めていきましょう。肉に思いを向ければ心ここにあらず、これからもそういう現象が目の前に展開していくと思います。